The Batkins Diet
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........... so, a rabbi walks into a bar and says 

now that rabbi is a Hitman......
they call him...... The Rabbi....

My name is Blake, and i am on the Batkins Diet, and the theory of the
Batkins Diet is not about being physically well, but being mentally and
spiritually well. something you can do to adhere to the Batkins Diet is
try not to stress out, let things go.

James: I w
ouldnt mess with that rabbi.
Blake: you know thats matisyahu.
James: oh yeah, you mean that guy who was famous for like 5 minutes?
Blake: Well he doesnt wanna stay famous, he's doing his music for the
right reasons! he's a rabbi for christ's sake!
James: christ.......

See, that was kind of funny. if you laughed, then you are already partaking
in the Batkins Diet. at the cost of all your grudges with the world and your
crappy sense of humor, you can participate in a diet that does what a diet
is supposed to do, MAKE YOU HAPPY.
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